The entire Haggadah has been vocalized. The songs which are suitable for communal singing appear in the standard font. The vocalization of the Haggada appears in italics. This is an experiment for the Virtual Cantor that was motivated by all of the email notes indicating that for many individuals who are far removed from synagogues, who are infrim or shut-in (and we ask G-d's blessing for a speedy and complete recovery) and thus use the Virtual Cantor as their virtual synagogue, for those who requested the complete vocalization because they are simply desireous of learning more and becomming more comfortable and independent with the liturgy.

We pray for peace, and good health. L'Shanah Ha'Bah Birushalyim. Next year in Jerusalem.

Semanei HaSeder
Weekday Kiddush
Shabbat Kiddush
HaLach MaAnya

Mah Nishtanah
Avadim Hayinu
Magid - 1

Magid - 2
Magid - 3

V'He Sheamdah
Magid - 4
Magid - 5
Magid - 6
L'Phichach Anachnu
Magid - 7
Second Cup
Motzie Matzah
Third Cup
Sh'foch Chamatcha

Hallel - 1
Hallel - 2
Hallel - 3
Va'yehe Ba'Chatzie Ha'Lailah

Karev Yom
Va'Amartem Zevach Pesach (second seder)
Ki Lo Na'eh
Fourth Cup
Al Ha'Michyah

Chasal Siddur Pesach
Adir Hu - version 1
Adir Hu - version 2
Echad Me Yodeah
Chad Gadya