Rosh Chodesh Benching for Kislev

Y'he Ratzon (no change for Kislev)
Me Shasah Nisim
Y'Chadshehu (for Kislev)

Kedusha for Shabbat Hannukah
(I generally do not "play" with Kedushah, but on Shabbat Hannukah, Handal's Judas Maccabeus and Sivivon work very well.)

Kedusha for Shabbat Hannukah

Candle Lighting at Home

Blessings One and Two - All Eight Nights
Blessing Three (Shehecheyanu) - First Night
Ha'Neirot Ha'Lalu
Ma'Oz Tzur - First Verse
Ma'Oz Tzur - All Verses


Mi Y'mallel
Sivivon Sov Sov Sov
Y'mai Ha'Chanukah
Kad Katan